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British War Medal

The medal was awarded to all ranks of Canadian overseas military forces who came from Canada between 05 August 1914 and 11 November 1918, or who had served in a theatre of war. Those who had enlisted in the O.M.F.C. in the United Kingdom and had not served in a theatre of war were not entitled to this medal.
The requirements for RAF personnel were the same as for the army. Naval personnel were required to have 28 days of mobilized service or to have lost their lives before this period of service was complete. Seamen of the Canadian Merchant Marine who served at sea not less than six months, and crews of Dominion Government Ships and the Canadian Mercantile Marine were also eligible.


There was no bar to this medal.

A circular, silver medal, 1.42 inches in diameter. (The medal awarded to Chinese, Maltese and Native Labour Corps was bronze.)

The obverse shows the King George V, bareheaded coinage effigy, facing left, with the legend: GEORGIVS V BRITT : OMN : REX ET IND : IMP :

A horseman (St. George, naked), armed with a short sword (an allegory of the physical and mental strength which achieves victory over Prussianism). The horse tramples on the Prussian shield and the skull and cross-bones. Just off-centre, near the right upper rim, is the sun of Victory. The dates 1914 and 1918 appear in the left and right fields respectively.

A plain, straight, non-swivelling suspender with a single-toe claw.

The watered ribbon is 1.25 inches wide, and consists of seven stripes: blue (0.125"), black (0.0625"), white (0.125"), orange centre (0.625" wide), white (0.125"), black (0.0325"), and blue (0.125").

The recipient's name, number and rank is engraved on the rim for the first issue.

The medal was authorized on 26 July 1919.

There were 427,993 issued to Canadians in the CEF out of 6,500,000 total. It was possible to receive this medal alone but all gallantry medals would receive the BWM and VM as well.

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